Service Center Gdańsk

Shared Service Center

Shared Service Center (SCG) is a new Bayer center for finance and accounting in Poland located in Gdansk. In the final state it will offer around 250 jobs.

SCG’s main goal is to contribute to making Bayer accounting more flexible and efficient, as well as to enhance international competitiveness while safeguarding existing quality levels. It will cover multiple areas like General Ledger, Asset Accounting, Accounts Payables and Receivables as well as Travel Expenses.

The office in Gdansk will deliver services to European countries, from Germany to Russia. SCG brings together people with knowledge of foreign languages (point of contact for customers and suppliers) and experience in accounting as well.

Polish Tri City (Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot) is an important academic center which provides access to skilled work force. Language skills, availability of graduates and professionals as well as modern office buildings in Pomerania were among the main reasons for choosing the location of the center in Gdansk. Bayer’s investment in Gdansk was supported by the City of Gdansk and Gdansk Economic Development Agency InvestGDA.